2 Day Elementary HEAT - Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Our 2 day HEAT course takes learners to the heart of the action, building confidence in their mission and an more acute awareness of safety in hostile environments.

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2 Day - Elementary HEAT

Hostile Environment Awareness Training, for those travelling in areas classed medium to high risk

Travelling abroad on a mission can be exciting and life changing,  however travelling in complex environments can be challenging and de-stabilising. Comprehensive and credible HEAT training is essential to complete missions efficiently, with confidence and learning how to mitigate risk to yourself and your team. 

This 2-day course follows the same modules as our HEFAT without the one day First Aid. We strongly suggest that a robust First Aid certificate – with a focus on trauma - is obtained by all personnel prior to deployment.

"I can't thank the Soteria team enough. To say that my risk assessments were substandard is an understatement. I feel better prepared to do my job now". Rob, freelance journalist, 2021 candidate.   

Our Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) courses are bespoke courses designed for those working in the world's most challenging environments. This course is a minimum of 20 hours. Two long days and we work into the evening on this course with homework or night scenarios dependent on requirements.  

We work with NGO's, universities, media outlets and governement organisations - our dynamic course can be adopted to organisational risks and security threats of countries deployed to.  

Due to the nature and complexity of scenarios this course is best taught at our Dumfries training centre where we utilise our rugged surrounding environment. However, we can bring the training to you and have trained throughout the world.  

Why Soteria Risk Training?

  • Diverse training grounds at our highly adaptable residential centre.
  • Our training personnel have decades of military intelligence and operational experience coupled with public service sector work such as British Police and Ambulance Service Operations. 
  • 40% practicle and 60% scenario training.
  • Learners receive a hard copy and soft copy of course manual.  
  • Learners and organisations will get pre-deployment risk analysis handouts and risk assessment templates (these are to guide and inform only).


Learners must be over 18 to take this course. This is an active scenario based course, so please ensure that you are physically able to participate.  A good command of the English Language, both written and spoken is necessary. 

Just some of our course content - not exhaustive

  • Personnel prepare for deployment 
  • Awareness of threats, associated risks and personal security
  • Risk management processes and guidance
  • Travel security, security procedures for vehicle travel, accommodation security
  • Intelligence gathering and outlets
  • Management of threats related to gatherings, protests, demonstrations, riots and civil unrest.
  • Conflict management
  • Risk Assesment
  • Cultural Awareness 
  • Weapons, mines, improvised explosive devices (IED’s), and unexploded ordinance (UXO’s).
  • Kidnapping, hostage taking and hostage survival.
  • Team under attack.
  • Orientation and communications.
  • Communications
  • Field training exercise

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2 Day Elementary HEAT - Hostile Environment Awareness Training

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