Medical & Security Training

Soteria Risk Training has been formed by experienced security and medical specialists to provide fully immersive training to inspire mobilise and help our clients fulfil their corporate duty of care.  


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Our trainers are sourced from military and public service backgrounds such as the NHS, Scottish Ambulance service, BBC, event security and UK police force.  

Base Camp

Base camp is our exciting residential training centre, set in the easily accessible wilds of southern Scotland, with access to an array of challenging natural environments. Our site is adaptable as it is diverse & most scenarios and hazards can be recreated in our simulation courtyard & buildings.

Learner Family

Become part of our learner family and have access to our "Learner/Trainer" group to receive ongoing support, news, intel and updates. We are here to advise and guide you through stages of CPD. 



"Informative, exciting approach to training, we thoroughly enjoyed this FREC course! Not just dull chalk and talk and our trainer was really experienced. The centre was the perfect location for the moulages, simply fantastic facilities. Much appreciated from all our team."

Rob Laurie - Capital Ltd

"Excellent course & excellent trainers" 

Aidan - FREC 3 August 2021

"Facilities and quality teaching is beyond reproach. Stunning location and all very welcoming". 

Baz - FREC 3 - August 2021

"Training facilities are just fantastic and the scenarios realistic and testing. Good equipment and perfect mix of practicle and theory". 

Carl Domlow - CP operative 

"Brilliant loved every minute of this course. Great teaching methods, fantastic scenarios. Will definitely recommend. See you in three years" 

Matt - FREC 3 - Confined Space Rescuer 

"A great centre with enthusiastic staff that go the extra mile. Scenarios were really well executed and realistic. I won't go anywhere else to train now".

Michael  - FREC 3 - Event medic 

"A fantastic week of training. Great set up and realistic training". 

Ian - Confined Space Rescuer - FREC 3 

"I participated in a small introduction to the H.E.A.T course and loved it. During the course I struggled with a particular exercise and the staff were completely patient as they explained further with no signs of frustration. Class lessons were informative, engaging and fun as the presentation felt like a conversation really drawing each student to have their own input. The staff themselves were lovely to talk to and super friendly. Once an exercise involving a scenario began the staff were switched on, bringing each scenario to life with unmatched professionalism. Would 100% recommend Soteria Risk".

William Ras - HEAT  Course - NGO 

"A fantastic training company with real credibility due to the experience of all the trainers. On top of that, one of the best training sites I have ever seen in terms of outdoor space & facilities making the training extremely immersive. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for First Aid, Trauma Training or HEAT military style courses to come and experience this veteran led company!!"

Danny Ambler - ATACC Group 

"Had such a great experience with these guys. Couldn't recommend them enough. My team and I experienced a mini H.E.A.T course and it did not disappoint. The team are full of information, enthusiasm & encouragement. Fantastic location also. A brilliant time was had by all". 

Hazel - HEAT - NGO

"The course was run very well with the right amount of time carried out in the classroom on theory and on the practical in the amazing training area and beautiful setting. The instructor, Karen delivered all lessons at the right pace and professionally whilst sharing her knowledge and experience which I learnt a lot from".
Hannah Whittingham - Close Protection Operative   

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