I-HEAT - Student HEAT

I-HEAT has been devised by our security specialists to make HEAT accessible and affordable for students and young people, who’s courses and subjects involve international travel to complex environments.

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I-HEAT Student Safety Travel Course - prepares you for travelling, researching and working in unsafe areas

I-HEAT is suitable for those studying or working abroad in low (challenging) and medium risks countries and those going to any  country deemed unsafe by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Our I-HEAT Mission:
Our mission is to raise standards in the HEAT industry, whilst reducing costs to make HEAT more affordable and accessible for students and young people, who’s chosen interests and subjects involve international travel to complex environments.

The course can be trained at our rural private centre or we can train at the place of study. 

"I have been living in a bubble. I'll look at things differently since the HEAT course, my eyes are wide open now!" CJ,Photography Student, candidate 2022. 

By teaching younger people through scenario training we really stimulate their ability to focus and learn how to handle difficult situations in the real world.  By transferring knowledge from first class trainers – with decades of military and public sector experience such as British Police - we aim to mitigate risk for those travelling for work, education, assigned to research projects and other overseas assignments.

Raising awareness of the modern global dangers is an important mission and one that we are dedicated to.  We provide a productive, safe and enjoyable learning environment – we are not a gun ho training centre but an ethical company with our learners safety in the forefront of all we do. 

Why I-HEAT – what’s the benefit?
  • CPD   
  • Creates freedom of movement for students   
  • Personal safety            
  • Life experience           
  • Caregiver and education providers peace of mind           
  • Continued support from Soteria Risk Training and yearly online refreshers available at low cost  
  • Kit advice
  • Life skills   
  • Expedition preparation and kit lists for extreme environment    
  • Life and confidence skills
  • Travel awareness for gap year or travel with business
    Areas Covered in training:
    *Situational Awareness and Crime prevention
    *Cultural Awareness
    *Global Terrorism
    *Conflict Management – deescalating aggression and working through high stress situations.
    *Travel Awareness – before you leave, what to pack, preparation,
    *Female Safety – learn to deflect attention, work as a team for safety, working towards safe outcomes and recognising discrimination.
    *Kidnap and Ransom awareness – compliance with captors and working as a team.
    *Preparing risk assessments and Standard Operating Procedures
    *Personal Risk Profile
    *Weapon Familiarisation
    *Mine field awareness
    *Altitude Sickness
    *Medical evacuation
    *Medical kit preparation
    *Each course has a Course Host to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of our young learners 

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I-HEAT - Student HEAT

Dates Available

To secure your place on one of our courses we require a 25% deposit which will be taken at the time of booking. Once this is received you will be invoiced for the balance which must be paid at least 10 days before the course date.

We currently have no course dates booked at this time, you can still contact us to enquire when the next date will be or check back here soon.

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